Muppet Babies

You are watching the serie Muppet Babies produced in USA belongs in Category Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy with duration 25 Min , broadcast at 123MVIE.CX,with Creators Ray Lee, Karen Peterson, Robert Shellhorn, Muppet Babies was a very successful cartoon series in its own right. This show basically featured Jim Henson's famous Muppets as babies. Each episode, each of the Muppet Babies had adventures that their imaginations take them on. Often however, their imaginations would sometimes get the better of them, all for comic effect. The featured Muppets were Baby Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Rowlf, Animal, Scooter, and a new character, Skeeter, Scooter's look-alike sister. Occasionally they had visits from Baby Bunsen and Beaker, and even Statler and Waldorf came to visit, and later we see a recurring appearance by a "baby" version of Bean Bunny from Tale of the Bunny Picnic. The moral glue that held these Muppets together was Nanny (voiced by Barbara Billingsley of Leave it to Beaver fame), a character whose body was only shown from the waist down and we all remember the green striped socks. The one thing that made the Muppet Babies memorable were not the Muppets themselves, but the
Younger Version Of Character
Dream Logic
Film Fan
Pop Culture
Make Believe
Vivid Imagination
Day Care
Baby Sitting
Child Protagonist
Multiple Protagonists
Twin Brother And Sister
Imagination Running Wild
Telling A Joke
2d Animation
Animated Tv Series
Breaking Into Song
Musical Number
Pop Culture Reference
Anthropomorphic Pig
Baby Girl
Anthropomorphic Bear
Anthropomorphic Frog
Kermit The Frog
Star Trek Fan
Movie Clip
Movie Fan
The Muppets
Surprise After End Credits
Part Live Action
Based On Film